Tohatsu Marine has joined forces with a premier inflatable manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of boat (& engine) packages at highly competitive prices. TheĀ  versatile & rugged range of inflatables are ideally suited to Tohatsu's lightweight & durable outboard engines.


Slatted Floor

T250s (rated up to 5HP)

Air Mat Floor

T230i (rated up to 4HP), T260i (rated up to 6HP)

T290i (rated up to 10HP), T310i (rated up to 15HP)

Sports Boat

T350SB (rated up to 20HP)

T380SB (rated up to 25HP)

T420SB (rated up to 30HP)


T300RIB (rated up to 10HP)

T330RIB (rated up to 20HP)

T420RIB (rated up to 40HP)

Each boat comes with many standard features including double coated heavy duty fabric, double bonded airtight seams, a carry bag and repair kit.



All Tohatsu inflatables use 1100 denier polyester fabric, which has been specially coated on both sides with PVC. The fabric is completely airtight & highly resistant to tear & abrasions as well as water, fuel & harmful sunlight. Their confidence in their fabric is reflected in their 3 year tube warranty.


Tohatsu seams are overlapped a full inch & reinforced with seam tape outside & inside for extra protection. The inner tubes stay airtight while protecting the tube from sudden impacts. To maximise thier bonding & adhesives they use a polyurethane based glue. This offers high durability & protection to heat & salt water.


The inner baffles on their boats not only keep individual air chambers completely sealed for safety, but they also have a flexable design which works to equalise air pressure between cone parts.


Tohasu inflatables use marine plywood which is specifically designed for marine applications. In addition the marine plywood is coated with PU paint which delivers additional protection against sunlight, salt water, fuel & oil.